What We Do

From the factory floor to the executive suite, workers skilled in science, technology, engineering and math are essential in today’s market. Employers want both entry-level employees and upper management to be equipped with critical thinking skills, problem-solving ability, and a teamwork mindset. With the support of the Davie Community Foundation, COGNITION is now a reality. The Davie Community Foundation fostered the creation of COGNITION to fulfill their vision to equip our next generation with enthusiasm for STEAM concepts and to facilitate a qualified workforce for the community. At COGNITION, young learners will have early opportunities to explore career paths through real-life STEAM situations and hands-on learning as they build the skills Davie County needs for tomorrow.

COGNITION Overarching Educational Goals:

Using real life situations children will:

  1. Learn how STEAM concepts relate through play and hands-on experiences
  2. Collaborate as a STEAM team member by working effectively to achieve a common goal
  3. Interpret and communicate answers to complex questions relating to STEAM through observing and gathering data
  4. Identify, analyze and synthesize STEAM information by manipulating and investigating objects
  5. Engage in STEAM inquiry by posing questions, developing hypotheses, and predicting solutions
  6. Discover and understand STEAM issues through critical thinking
  7. Explore career opportunities that exist in STEAM fields