Who We Serve

There is something for everyone at COGNITION. Our 5,000 square foot space includes hands-on exhibits designed for children under 10. Within the upstairs exhibit area, you will find exhibits built to equip our next generation with enthusiasm for STEAM concepts (Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Math) and help facilitate a qualified workforce for the community. At COGNITION, young learners will have early opportunities to explore real-life STEAM situations and hands-on learning as they build the skills Davie County needs for tomorrow.

The downstairs of the COGNITION building will be devoted to the Makerspace. This area will be available to visitors from ages 10 to 100, where they can tinker and problem-solve to their heart’s content. There will be many areas of exploration offered to visitors. Classes, workshops, summer camps, and more will be offered to engage both youth and adult learners. Programming will be built around the materials and capabilities of the Makerspace. There will be ample opportunity for questioning, experimenting, and problem solving.

COGNITION provides exhibits, programs, and spaces that are accessible to all visitors. We believe the environment should be a place where children feel supported intellectually and academically, and where everyone is given a sense of belonging regardless of identity or learning abilities.