Due to the “RED: Critical Community Spread” designation in Davie County, we are temporarily closing our doors to ensure the safety of visitors, staff, and volunteers. We look forward to reopening when it’s safe!

Get Involved

Your donation will be a COG in the wheel of progress as COGNITION of Davie County becomes a reality!

A COG transfers motion by engaging with projections on another wheel. Just as every COG is essential to the running of an engine, the support of donors like you is essential to creating an interactive space that promotes exploration, learning, and innovation.

We invite you to be a COG in the wheel of progress by contributing to COGNITION. Be part of the nuts and bolts of COGNITION by making a gift of any size. Named COGs may be purchased for display in the space for:

$1,000 Exploration

$2,500 Learning

$5,000 Innovation

Payments may be made over a two or more year period if desired. Your gift today will be an investment in current and future generations as a children’s museum and makerspace in Davie County comes to life.