Homeschool Days

Visit us at 119 N. Salisbury Street in Downtown Mocksville for a morning filled with hands-on exploration and experiential learning in our Makerspace. We have two homeschool days per month, one for K-4th grade and one for 5th-8th grade. Classes always take place from 10:00am-11:30am.

Cost per student: $8                 Limit of 24 students per day.

October: Astronomy

Kindergarten to 4th Grade
October 13th:
Astronomy, The Stars and Me: Come for an intro into outer space! We’ll learn about the sun, moon, and stars and how they relate to us on Earth. We may even study some of your favorite planets!

5th to 8th Grade
October 27th:
All About Astronomy: We LOVE learning about outer space here at Cognition. Stars, planets, black holes, meteors, we can’t get enough. Join us as we learn about these celestial bodies and more through experiments and hands-on activities.

November: Energy

Kindergarten to 4th Grade
November 3rd:
Marvelous Motors and Energy: Ready, set, go to Cognition to learn about energy! We’ll talk about how energy is the ability to do work and then use that knowledge to experiment with different types of energy. Learn about electrical, mechanical, and everything in between! We will even make our own motor!

5th to 8th Grade
November 17th:
Awesome Alternative Energy: Join us at Cognition as we welcome some special guests to teach us all about alternative energy. Learn about how solar energy is collected, how wind is converted into power, and how nuclear reactions generate electricity, featuring experts in solar power and nuclear engineering!

December: Engineering

Kindergarten to 4th Grade
December 1st:
Engage in Engineering: Use your creativity, intellect, and tools provided by Cognition to identify and solve problems using the Engineering Design Process. You’ll be faced with three different challenges that you and your team will have to work together to complete. This field trip is sure to have you thinking outside the box. 

5th to 8th Grade
December 15th:
Welding & Engineering ft. DDCC: Cognition welcomes DDCC to assist us with this field trip! They will be providing their virtual welding truck to give students insight into the types of welding equipment and how they work! Then, we will move inside to learn how to use some of the engineering equipment in our Makerspace, such as our laser engravers and 3D printers. 

January: Chemistry

Kindergarten to 4th Grade
January 5th:
What’s the MATTER with Chemistry?: Join us at Cognition to get exposed to the elements and explore the differences between physical and chemical changes! Learn to practice lab safety while testing chemical reactions that will blow you away. These concoctions are sure to be colorful, fizzy, and fun!

5th to 8th Grade
January 19th:
Chemical Changes at Cognition: Observe the differences between physical and chemical changes as we explore the elements! Learn to follow the scientific method by making observations, asking questions, forming a hypothesis, testing it, and recording the results. We will also learn about lab safety and how to execute experiments responsibly.

February: Rocks & Minerals

Kindergarten to 4th Grade
February 9th:
Sedimentary, Igneous, and Metamorphic Oh My!: Learn about the rock cycle by observing the physical differences of each type of rock and discussing how they are formed. Get hands-on with samples of each type of rock, plus some real crystals and see their individual properties. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to create your own crystal!

5th to 8th Grade
February 16th:
Rock On!: Get ready to learn all about rocks from a real geologist! We will have an expert visiting from NC DEQ to share her knowledge about different rocks and minerals, how they form, and how to compare their properties to identify them! Then, we will take a look at some real life fossils and learn about how fossils have given scientists a glimpse into what life was like long ago.

March: Human Body

Kindergarten to 4th Grade
March 1st:
Human Body: Ever wonder what your blood is made of? What about why your heart beats? Discover the answers to these questions and more as we learn all about our body from the inside out, and how to keep it healthy.

5th to 8th Grade
March 8th:
Body System Science: Your body is made up of multiple different systems that all have different jobs. Come to Cognition to learn about each system, why they are important, and how they work together!

April: Oceans and Environment

Kindergarten to 4th Grade
April 5th:
Oceans & Landforms: Ever wonder how so many different types of creatures survive in the ocean? Or how islands and peninsulas are formed? Join us at Cognition as we travel under the sea to learn the answers to these questions and more!

5th to 8th Grade
April 19th:
Environment & Pollution: We know we need to take care of the environment, but what does that really mean? See up close through experiments and demonstrations what really happens with our trash when it doesn’t end up in the right place. We’ll also learn about what real people are doing to make an impact, and see how we can help out too.


May: Animals and Habitats

Kindergarten to 4th Grade
May 3rd:
Habitats & Life Cycles: We love animals here at Cognition, and we especially love learning about what makes each animal unique. For example, where do different animals live? What changes in the animal as they grow up? How do they protect themselves in the wild? Join us as we dive into these questions for three different types of animals.

5th to 8th Grade
May 17th:
Plant & Animal Adaptations: Every plant and animal on the earth is unique, especially when you look at how they adapt to their environment. We’ll explore how a plant is able to attract food, how an animal can change its entire appearance in seconds to avoid becoming prey, and more during this can’t miss homeschool event.